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Mythra Empty Mythra

Post by Mythra on Tue May 24, 2016 3:44 pm

! A T T E N T I O N !
hey fam. i wrote this code on a mac (which obv runs OSX), and i've learned that things look different on macs than they do windows -- namely, it's the scrolly bars that i'm worried about. so if the code looks wonky for you windows users, feel free to tell me so i can fix it! i'd greatly appreciate it :')

Mythra Vularian
female. four years. eurasian wolf. pansexual. hunter.
Appearance: Mythra was born with a pelt colored perfectly for clustered forests and shrouded meadows. She is painted with the colors of the earth; browns, creams, and blacks lace her coat to create a predator that melts into the shadows of the woods and the thistles of the valleys. The base of her coat’s creation is a gentle brown, which is accompanied by a lighter cream that spreads just beneath her muzzle and continues to her neck to appear as a bib of sorts. Darker hues of brown lace the upper parts of her coat — her back, legs, and a majority of her tail make up this color. Black markings score across her back, shoulder, and tail, creating shadow-like imprints on her form. The she-wolf’s head bears a speckling of black, which peppers just the upper portion of her skull and avoids her facial region. Mythra’s eyes are kin with the the color of lush tree leaves in the early spring — emerald, with lighter accents to make them appear soft and welcoming.

She is thin, frail, and delicate, like a sapling growing in a forest dominated by strong oaks and towering pines. Her body is fragile — a single gust of wind could sweep her from her paws and leave her broken in the breeze, her bones falling apart like ash swept from the hearth. Mythra’s slight stature leaves little to be desired; she is dainty with long legs and a thin body that reveals little muscle packed beneath her skin. What little she has resides in her straw-like legs, which propel her at speeds that nearly match her prey. Her paws are heavy and wide, providing support for unsuspected twists and turns. They offer her a boost in agility that has likely saved her many times in the past, and will save her pack from hungry nights in the future.
Personality: Mythra is a wolf that is frequently taken for granted — her unsuspecting stature and soft voice often give the impression that she is pinnacle of kindness and obedience. She is subdued by her own handicaps, leaving her without a voice and only granting her the ability to simply agree to what is being handed to her or to those around her. It is assumed that a creature such as she that is of such a frail and soft nature can only be just that and nothing more.

These assumptions are not totally wrong; Mythra is indeed a she-wolf with a bleeding heart and harbors an undying urge to serve her pack and family to the best of her abilities. She tries her best to please and keep genuinely friendly relationships with those around her. Her patience is seemingly unending, and it is something to appreciate. It is not often that a wolf is known for their docile behavior, but Mythra clings to her temper and holds it tightly to keep confrontations passive — on her end, at least.

The she-wolf is fire within a delicate flower, however — a roaring, dangerous thing within something unsuspecting and subtle — when her temper is strained to its breaking point. Venom laces her words, and it’s as if she sheds her gentle exterior and reveals a totally different animal. Her words are scorching, and she lets loose a vocabulary that usually enriches her anger and adds a more feral flavor to her fury.

She is brave, perhaps foolishly so, and will defend any of those she feels deserves it. Mythra generally takes the side of the underdog, preferring to defend someone who usually doesn’t have anyone to protect them. It is a mentality that doesn’t bode well for her — those in higher levels of power commonly look down upon those who side with those of lesser stature; it’s simply in their nature to prefer the frontrunner as opposed to the dark horse, unlike Mythra.
History: THIS WILL BE EDITED TO BE MORE INFORMATIONAL AT A LATER DATE. i'm just really lazy so i just copy-pasted from wq :')

the young she-wolf was born to a painfully normal family and grew up with an equally painful normal life. mythra was the middle child -- a sister before her and a brother after -- and most of her early years revolved around ensuring familial bonds and making sure that her parents still noticed her achievements through her siblings'; as with most middle children, most activities that are of some significance are looked over due to them either being done already, or simply due to her parents being blinded by either the eldest's or the youngest's trivial matters. with the passing of the years, she learned and lost. her younger brother passed in an accident that no one would have suspected -- the young wolf was taken by a ravenous grizzly, the creature so focused on quelling its infernal hunger after its long hibernation that it resorted to hunting a fellow predator. yet through his death she and her sister learned to become more aware of her surroundings; nothing should be taken for granted, no matter how safe one feels. time passed, old wounds -- both physical and emotional -- healed, and soon mythra and her sister were old enough to split from their parents and head their separate ways. they stuck together for a short time before they both agreed that it was time to part ways, and the bittersweet farewell still hangs heavy in mythra's heart.
Extra Information

  • Mythra is a very lithe individual, granting her a boost in speed and agility. She is not outrageously fast, but she has the ability to outstrip a sickly deer.
  • The young she-wolf has a docile nature that tends to be contagious. Often when there is an issue or argument brewing within the pack, she feels the need to step in and smooth out the situation so that the pack's atmosphere will remain pleasant.

  • With less muscle mass than most other wolves, Mythra suffers from a lack of brute force and strength. She can hold her own should she be cornered into a brawl, but it is likely that she will lose most battles due to her smaller size and absence of physical power.
  • Mythra is a very trusting individual — so much so that she is actually extremely gullible. Having such an open personality leads to weaving dangerous relationships with toxic individuals without her knowing it, and could spell disaster for her later in life.
  • The young wolf fears thunder; it is something that she would rather not address, but the suddenness of the sound startles her so badly that she is sometimes incapacitated by fear. Should someone have ill intentions towards her, they could likely use this to their advantage to gain the upper hand.

  • Rain — Mythra loves the rain. If it's raining (sans thunder), it's more than likely that she's enjoying the shower out on the open plains of the pack's territory.
  • Hunting — The she-wolf loves the thrill of the hunt; the wind whipping through her tussled fur, the strong musk of fear radiating from her prey, and the pleasure of locking her jaws in her victim's skin. All of the elements of the hunt send shivers down her spine, and she truly enjoys providing food for her pack. It gives her a sense of purpose, and she holds onto that feeling dearly.
  • Winter — Unlike most wolves who despise the colder months of the year, Mythra thrives in it. The harsher weather is harder for her than most, but she enjoys the freshly fallen snow and the crispness of the air.
  • Fish — Fish are a rare delicacy for wolves, so whenever Mythra has the opportunity to eat some, she tends to gorge herself. The tangy flavor of fish makes her tongue tingle with delight, and the young wolf can never pass up the chance of a fishy meal.

  • Fire — A natural yet unavoidable thing on the plains, fire is one of Mythra's greatest fears. It is not the idea that it burns up the more favorable hunting grounds that disturbs her, but the idea that she could be trapped in the raging inferno.
  • Other Predators — Mythra is extremely defensive of her pack's lands and their resources, so whenever the pack is threatened by competing predators, she can't help but grow aggressive in the wake of their presence. She isn't dumb enough to take them on by herself, but she will try her best to chase them off the pack's lands.
  • Manipulators — Mythra is very self-aware; she knows that she can be a bit gullible. She trusts that those around her won't use that to her advantage, but she knows it's foolish to think that of everyone. She despises those who take her kindness for granted and use her for their own personal gain. She believes that these individuals have no value for others, and she feels that their actions of manipulation are a personal slight against her.

    Mythra's scent is a mixture of the natural forest smells, wolven musk, and a soft hint of the sweet hydrangea.

    Mythra's voice is gentle and silvery in flavor. Her tone is usually light, and the volume is moderate. She is very rarely loud unless she's issuing orders on a hunt, or if she's extremely excited. She has a slight southern drawl.


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Mythra Empty Re: Mythra

Post by Kaito on Tue May 24, 2016 8:51 pm

Beautiful, I love the template you used! I'm certain Mythra is going to be wonderful addition to the pack! Very Happy

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Mythra Empty Re: Mythra

Post by Mythra on Wed May 25, 2016 11:12 pm

thank you, i'm glad you like it! and yeah, i'm really looking forward to playing as her and seeing how she'll interact with the rest of the pack :')

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Mythra Empty Re: Mythra

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