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Post by Kaito on Sun May 22, 2016 11:57 pm

◆The Alpha, Kaito◆ Images-of-a-red-wolf-wallpaper

Full Name: Kaito
Nickname: Kai
Age: 5 Years
Rank: Alpha
Voice: Light, jovial, and friendly
Scent: Goldenrods, a common plant on the plain.
Sexuality: Pansexual

Fur Color: Reddish brown, with grey patches around his face and feet.
Fur Texture: Medium length, keeps it well-groomed and clean.
Scars or Distinguishing Marks: Scars on his legs from getting stuck in bramble patch when he was younger.
Build: Average build, not particularly muscular or bulky. He’s strong, but no more than any other wolf.
Height: 30 in.
Length (nose to tail): 5 ½ ft
Weight: 98lbs


Positive Traits
Kaito will welcome anyone into his pack with open arms, and all who come into the pack’s territory (provided they come in peace) are welcome to stay.
He is also very honest with those around him, giving his most genuine opinion when asked. This makes Kaito very good for giving advice, as he won’t try to spare someone’s feelings if they need to hear the truth.
Hating conflict, Kaito tries to avoid getting worked up. He thinks a peaceful solution can always be reached, and will go a long ways to find it.
Going along with his open attitude, Kaito is quick to laugh and even quicker to smile.

Negative Traits
|Non-confrontational|Tries to please everyone|Honest|Stutterer|
While his habit of avoiding conflict can help against needless fighting, it sometimes doesn’t do him all that much good, as it means he is very indecisive and uncomfortable in situations when a fight is looming.
He’s not exactly a pushover, but Kaito will try very hard to keep everyone happy, even when it’s not really possible or it costs him his own happiness.
Sometimes too much honesty is a bad thing…
When faced with situations or great stress, Kaito develops a terrible stutter than can incapacitate him.

Leadership: 7/10
Strength: 5/10
Speed: 8/ 10
Defense: 6/10
Humor: 7/10
Romance: 3/10
Peacefulness: 9/10
Chillness: 10/10

Mother: Nina (Deceased)
Father: Revan (Not present in his life)
Siblings: Umber, Gris, and Wisp (All went their own ways in life)
Others: Was raised by the pack after the death of his mother when he was young.


Kaito never knew his father, who was a loner, and his mother died of disease a few months after his birth. He and his siblings were raised by the whole pack. They were each trained in a different field, befitting the positions they were expected to take up. The eldest, Umber, was trained to be an alpha, though she had little interest in leading a pack. Gris learned the ways of a guard, and his powerful physique made him perfect for the role. Kaito was trained as a hunter, as he was considered the sharpest and deftest. And little Wisp became a talented healer, her seemingly perfect memory good for remembering the various herbs used for medicine.

For the first two years of his life, Kaito was happy. Eventually, his siblings left and went their own ways, as did other members of the pack. Nothing has been heard of them since, but Kaito firmly believes they found what they were seeking. As his skill grew, as did his position in the pack. He became a Delta, acting as the lead hunter, before being made a Beta at the age of four. The current alpha, who was aging at the time, was confident that Kaito could handle the pack once he had passed, though Kaito couldn’t say he shared in that confidence.

At the old alpha’s death, Kaito took up the title of Alpha, albeit with hesitation, but he’d like to think he has made his predecessor proud in the year since.

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